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Inaugural Year Success: IEEE Photonics Society Student Branch Chapter at the University of Dhaka Shines Bright


In a pioneering stride for Bangladesh, the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Dhaka, proudly initiated its first active student branch chapter dedicated to Photonics under the IEEE Photonics Society banner, marking February 6, 2023, as a landmark date. With an unwavering aim to introduce and immerse students into the captivating world of Photonics, the chapter embarked on a journey of discovery, education, and collaboration. Throughout its inaugural year, the IEEE Photonics Society Student Chapter at the University of Dhaka made commendable progress, promoting Photonics as an exciting frontier for exploration and research. 

It all commenced with a captivating article writing competition—aptly named “The Optical Insight- A Photonics and Optics Article Writing Contest”—crafted to ignite students’ curiosity and encourage their immersion into the realm of Photonics. The collaboration of Optica Bangladesh Student Chapter, University of Dhaka, in this debut event, unveiled the society’s vibrant activities and goals and attracted enthusiastic participants from numerous universities across Bangladesh. Among the standout achievements, 3 teams consisting of 10 students from undergraduate semesters were rewarded for their involvement and contributions in two categories. 

Event organizing
Event organizing team with Dr. Md. Wahadoszamen.

The momentum continued to surge as the society orchestrated a seminal seminar, “Nanophotonics: Our Recent Research Endeavours,” on August 31, 2023. Dr. Md. Wahadoszamen, a distinguished figure in laser and optical physics at the University of Dhaka, graced the event as a keynote speaker. He is a distinguished researcher in laser and optical physics, biophysics, and OLED spectroscopy. With over 650+ citations, he has collaborated with renowned scientists like Rienk Van Frondelle. His current work delves into nanophotonics, focusing on Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy, and employing innovative techniques to create efficient SERS platforms on 2D semiconducting nanoflakes. His enthralling insights, spanning nanophotonics and Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy, captivated a diverse audience comprising 74 students from varied academic backgrounds, including Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Physics, and even Oceanography. The event drew the participation of 7 esteemed faculty members, marking a testament to the interdisciplinary nature of Photonics research at the university. Engaging discussions and a stimulating Q&A session affirmed the attendees’ eagerness to delve deeper into the complexities of Photonics. 

Dr. Md. Wahadoszamen during the ‘Nanophotonics: Our Recent Research Endeavours’ event

Elevating its outreach efforts, the Student Branch Chapter curated a compelling podcast “Dui Prishthar Bisheshoggo,” spotlighting recent research ventures by students in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Dhaka. IEEE WIE Affinity Group Student Branch, Dhaka University collaborated with us in this event. This initiative not only amplified the chapter’s presence through banners, posters, and a robust online footprint but also provided a platform to showcase the innovative work undertaken by young researchers.

The chapter’s collaboration prowess was further demonstrated through an insightful seminar titled “Career in Chip Industry: Navigating Challenges, Embracing Opportunities,” featuring Dr. Naznin Akter, an accomplished Electrical Engineer from the IEEE Photonic Society, in collaboration with the Optica Bangladesh Student Chapter. Her Ph.D. research focused on developing high-responsivity, tunable, compact, and room-temperature operational Terahertz detectors and emitters using novel materials (graphene, p-diamond). She also worked on Terahertz IC testing with deep learning to ensure hardware-based cybersecurity. She is currently working as a Module Development Engineer for Intel Corporation. Her engaging discourse on the semiconductor industry and her experiences at Intel resonated profoundly with the 57 attendees, predominantly freshmen from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. The event sparked dynamic conversations during the interactive Q&A session, offering valuable insights into industry landscapes and opportunities.

Dr. Naznin Akter
Dr. Naznin Akter during the ‘Career in Chip Industry: Navigating Challenges, Embracing Opportunities’ event.

In sync with its activities, the chapter leveraged digital platforms, establishing an engaging presence on Facebook ( ) and a dedicated website ( ) as a comprehensive repository for Photonics-related information, resources, and updates about the events the chapter organizes. Our club’s recent events have garnered significant interest from non-IEEE members and freshmen. As freshmen and non-IEEE members expressed a great deal of interest in our club’s recent activities, this will assist us in introducing newcomers to what the IEEE Photonics Society is all about, what it does, and how one may get involved in its many activities. To leverage this momentum, we propose a focused membership campaign next year. Through strategic promotion, informative sessions, and exclusive offers, we aim to attract and integrate new members into IEEE, fostering a stronger, more diverse community within our organization.

Event organizing team giving award
The event organizing team gave an award to the honorable speaker, Dr. Naznin Akter.

Looking ahead to 2024, the IEEE Photonics Society Student Branch Chapter at the University of Dhaka has charted an ambitious trajectory. Plans encompass 3 workshops, 5 seminars, and 2 project works aimed at deepening members’ understanding, nurturing practical skills, and fostering an environment conducive to innovative projects. Undoubtedly, the society remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing the frontiers of Photonics research and education within the University of Dhaka.

In closing, the inaugural year of the IEEE Photonics Society Student Chapter at the University of Dhaka stands as a testament to exploration, collaboration, and inspiration. The chapter extends its heartfelt appreciation to all members, volunteers, faculty, and esteemed speakers whose contributions have paved the way for a vibrant Photonics community. As the chapter eagerly anticipates the forthcoming achievements and milestones, it remains dedicated to its mission of nurturing curiosity and innovation in the fascinating field of Photonics.