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Technical and Trade Courses

The IEEE Photonics Society collaborates with global institutes, industry partners, and consortia groups in support of photonics workforce trade development and education.

Photonics technicians and apprentices are professionals who support research labs, industry and manufacturing with fiber optics materials, lasers, and other types of equipment within many photonics and optics trades, from telecommunications and digital circuitry to medical devices and healthcare. Photonics technicians are typically required to complete certificate, associate degree program or hands-on trade programs in photonics to prepare to enter this career field. There are several institutions worldwide that offer certificate programs and schooling.

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LASER-TEC - Center for Laser & Fiber Optics Education

Founded by the National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education Program, LASER-TEC’s mission is to maintain and provide open access for a broad range of services and materials to secondary, post-secondary, and industrial application training programs in support of a laser, optics, photonics, and fiber optics technical workforce.

LASER-TEC offers and develops Professional Development Courses, Textbooks, Lab Kits and Manuals, Educational Modules, Open-Source Course Materials, Posters and more.

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Award Skills Development & Education

Recognize an educator, instructor and/or practitioner who conducts technician and technical skills trainings within the Society’s field of interests.

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AIM Photonics

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