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Illuminated: IEEE Photonics Podcast

This podcast series shines a light on hot topics in photonics, and the subject matter experts advancing technology forward.

Tune in to learn skills and techniques as you navigate the photonics field, technically and professionally. The podcast is hosted by the Society’s IEEE Young Professionals and moderated by technical members of the Society’s Emerging Technologies Task Force (ETTF). In each episode, an expert guest speaker(s) is interviewed on a hot topic of interest, i.e., rising photonics subject, industry trend, controversial issue, community best practice, and/or news-worthy subject matter.

Listen to this recent episode:

Navigating Future Pathways of LiDAR Technologies

In this episode, Peter Dragic, of the University of Illinois, Urbana – Champaign, shares his expertise bridging a gap between next generation laser sources and active sensing systems such as LIDAR. We’ll journey together through the captivating world of LiDAR, shedding light on its applications, complexities, and potential future paths.


All Illuminated episodes can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, and Buzzsprout, a trusted podcast platform used by over 100,000 active podcasters.

Emerging Technologies Task Force

The IEEE Photonics Society Emerging Technologies Task Force (ETT) is responsible for identifying and nurturing new technology directions.

Young Professionals Advisory Committee

The IEEE Photonics Young Professionals Advisory Committee acts as the voice for the Society’s  members up to 15 years post their first degree.

Meet the Hosts

Connect with and learn more about the hosts behind the podcast series, “Illuminated”. The hosts are generally young professional leaders or advisors skilled in the subject matters discussed.