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Humanitarian & Public Imperative Committee

The IEEE Photonics Society’s Board of Governors established the Humanitarian & Public Imperative Committee to oversee the direction of humanitarian technology initiatives, as well as public imperative campaigns brought to the Society for consideration. The Committee also leads the future direction of the IEEE Photonics Fund.

Such efforts include (but are not limited to):

Rene Jean 2

René-Jean Essiambre

Chair & Past President

Nokia Bell Labs, USA

stephen ralph

Stephen Ralph


Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Ajay Kumar Poddar

Ajay K. Poddar

Humanitarian Activities Representative

Synergy Microwave, USA


Ahimbisibwe (Heart) Dan

IEEE SIGHT Representative

Uganda Communications Commission, Uganda

Amr Helmy

Amr Helmy

3rd Year Elected Board Member

University of Toronto, Canada

thomas clark

Thomas Clark

3rd Year Elected Board Member

Johns Hopkins University, USA

roland ryf

Roland Ryf

3rd Year Elected Board Member

Nokia Bell Labs, USA

elaine wong

Elaine Wong

3rd Year Elected Board Member

University of Melbourne, Australia