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Honoring Our Impact Makers

The IEEE Photonics Society Awards Program advances the interests of its members by recognizing their contributions in advancing the fields of interest to the benefit of society.

Our awards have been established to recognize outstanding achievements and for those accomplishments which enhance the quality of life for all people throughout the world.

Celebrated annually, the awards are presented by the Photonics Society President at the IEEE Photonics conference, or by a designee at an IEEE technical conference or symposium—as recommended by the relevant selection committee. This program relies upon the expertise and support of volunteers to continue to recognize the technological achievements that have advanced society.

Please note, no candidate for a Photonics Society Career Award shall have previously received a major IEEE award (e.g. technical field awards, medals) for the same work. Previous winners of a Photonics Society Career Award (Aron Kressel, Engineering Achievement, Quantum Electronics, William Streifer Scientific Achievement) are not eligible candidates for consideration of the same work. Unless otherwise specified, self-nominations are not permitted.

IEEE Photonics Awards

Career Awards

For achievements leading to the development of systems, technologies, or applications of a significant impact to the Photonics industry.

Service Awards & Scholarships

For exceptional individuals, who have had made significant contributions either in the form of service that will benefit members of the IEEE Photonics Society as a whole or as graduate students pursuing their work in the field.

Specialty Awards

For specialty areas, recognizing significant contributions with proven benefits to science, technology, or people.

Submission Deadline: August 10

Submission Deadline: September 30

Extended Submission Deadline: June 30

IEEE Honors

Recognizing three levels of honors, with the IEEE Medal of Honor being the highest-level award, our members are also eligible for these IEEE awards.

For information on the awards below, including the criteria and scope, deadline information, and a link to the nomination form, please visit the following page hosted by IEEE Awards. You can also find information on our website for the IEEE Technical Field Award that is sponsored by IEEE Photonics Society, the IEEE Photonics Award. Please note, candidates do not need to be an IEEE member, but must meet a notable scope of work specifically considered to be an important contribution to the field of interest covered by the award.

IEEE Technical Field Awards (TFA)

  • IEEE Photonics Award
  • IEEE Cledo Brunetti Award
  • IEEE Rao R. Tummala Electronics Packaging Award
  • IEEE Andrew S. Grove Award
  • IEEE Gustav Robert Kirchhoff Award
  • IEEE Donald O. Pederson Award in Solid-State Circuits

IEEE Medals

  • IEEE Nick Holonyak, Jr. Medal for Semiconductor and Optoelectronics Technologies
  • IEEE Jun-ichi Nishizawa Medal
  • IEEE Robert N. Noyce Medal

IEEE Recognition

  • IEEE Theodore W. Hissey Outstanding Young Professional Award
  • Corporate Innovation Award
  • IEEE Eric Herz Outstanding Staff Member
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Information on upcoming open calls for nominations.

resources for a successful nomination

For guidance on how to prepare an award nomination that is meaningful and reflects the standards of care required to be successful.

awards committee

Our Awards Committee is made up of volunteers. For more information, please visit their committee page.