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Life Members Conference Offers Unique Opportunities for Young Professionals


The IEEE Life Members Conference, open to all technology enthusiasts, will take place in Austin, TX, from 14-16 April 2024. This event will bring together technology professionals of all ages from across the globe to explore selected emerging technologies and how these new technologies impact seniors in the population. We will also look at how to best share our experiences and knowledge with current and new leaders in technology.

The Life Members conference will offer unparalleled networking opportunities. This is a unique chance for IEEE Young Professionals (YP) to connect with individuals who have or have had distinguished careers, expanding your professional and personal network. Forge valuable new relationships with colleagues and gain valuable insights and experiences.

One of the key goals of the conference is to foster mentorship and leadership opportunities. Enthusiasm for technology and knowledge can ignite a curiosity and a passion for engineering. Inspiration is often multidirectional, changing as roles and relationships form and evolve. As a conference participant, a young professional can receive career advice and gain perspectives about both tried-and-true and new technology ideas from other participants. YPs can also offer a new take on mentoring and leadership relationships.

Come join us in Austin for this special event! For more information, including registration information, check out the conference website.

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