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Sister Societies

The IEEE Photonics Society proudly partners with national consortia groups and organizations by joining into Sister Society Agreements to encourage the exchange and dissemination of technical information, and to promote understanding and cooperation between its organizations’ membership bodies.


Sister Society Agreements result in both parties encouraging engineers, physicists, scientists, industry professionals, and students in the related fields and organizational scopes, i.e., photonics and optics, to become members of both societies, by granting advantageous membership due rates. General agreements offer a 10% discount.

The organizations agree to advertise these discounts in their membership development materials and communications, when applicable. Email for more information.


Members of Sister Societies who are not members of IEEE Photonics Society may subscribe to IEEE Photonics Society periodicals at the “Sister Society” rate. (Sister society prices are higher than IEEE Photonics Society member prices, but substantially lower than non-member prices.)

Sister Society Members are also subject to receive a 20% publishing discount on IEEE open-access journals, including the IEEE Photonics Journal.

Technical Meetings

Sister Societies seek to form partnerships for the co-sponsorship of international technical meetings, when practical and in the best interests of both organizations to do so. Members of each respective Society will be able to attend conference and meetings at discounted rates, when applicable.

Other Joint Activities

Joint projects, webinars, events, and products, such as forums, coalitions, electronic publishing initiatives, national observations, educational materials, etc. are encouraged. This includes collaborating, when possible, on standards and technology roadmaps, as well as information exchange and promotion of sustainable development efforts.

Current Sister Society Agreements