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Taipei Chapter Spotlight: Workshop on Next-Gen Photonics / Microwave Tech & Annual Meeting


The IEEE Photonics Society Taipei Chapter and the National Taiwan University Institute of Photonics held a Next-Generation Photonics and Microwave Technologies Workshop this past year. Set at National Taiwan University, the workshop unfolded insights into optical quantum communication, single-photon detection, LIDAR technology, and more. Within the photonics landscape, this event highlighted advanced sensing technology as a crucial bridge between reality and the META-VERSE. Elevating sensor sensitivity to quantum levels enabled real-time recording of nuanced signals, forming the basis for ‘Digital Twins’ in the virtual realm. This transformative technology extends to ‘quantum encryption communication,’ positioning Taiwan as a key player in optoelectronic semiconductor development and shaping the future of quantum sensing technology.

Distinguished Professor Gong-Ru Lin made a profound impact with a demonstration of quantum communication between buildings. Utilizing advanced quantum principles, Professor Lin showcased real-time communication over an impressive fiber length exceeding 10 kilometers. This remarkable feat not only highlighted the cutting-edge capabilities of quantum technologies but also emphasized Taiwan’s leading role in pushing the boundaries of photonics and quantum communication.

Distinguished by dynamic interactions between speakers and an engaged audience, the workshop fostered a collaborative spirit. Organizers curated an enriching experience, inviting 10 distinguished speakers with support from companies, drawing nearly 200 participants. This success underscored the workshop’s impact in uniting experts and pushing quantum sensing boundaries.

Above group photos (a and b) from workshop and below are photos of the various speakers (a-l).

Transitioning to the Chapter’s annual meeting at Taiwan Cheng-Kung University, the event celebrated the PhO36 Section’s year-long achievements. The meeting featured a snapshot of the annual activity report, showcasing myriad initiatives and collaborations. A notable moment was a guest lecture by IEEE Fellow Prof. Wood-hi Cheng, inspiring discussions on achieving IEEE Fellow status. The Section actively supported OPTIC 2023’s student paper award, reinforcing its commitment to fostering the next generation of researchers and academic excellence.

In conclusion, the Taipei Chapter’s workshop, and annual meeting marked significant achievements in Photonics and related technologies. Distinguished by dynamic interactions, collaboration with speakers, and active support for OPTIC 2023’s student paper award, these gatherings underscore their impact on uniting experts and advancing quantum sensing technologies.