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Meet Yuan Yuan, Young Professionals Advisory Representative for the Society’s Publications Council

Yuan Yuan

I am currently a research scientist at Hewlett Packard Labs of HPE. I received my Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Virginia. I am a publications council member of IEEE Photonics Society. My research interests include avalanche photodiodes, silicon photonics, interconnects, and optical computing.

Yuan Yuan
Yuan Yuan , a research scientist at Hewlett Packard Labs of HPE.

Why do you think it is important for those who work in industry to be involved in academic publishing roles other than authorship?

Participation in academic publishing roles can provide an industry perspective to journals. As peer reviewers or editors, industry professionals can grasp the latest research trends in academia and provide feedback on the requirements of industry to academia, thus strengthening the connection between academia and industry. This allows publications to focus not only on cutting-edge research but also on transferable and practical technologies.

Likewise, industry professionals can benefit from active involvement in academic publishing, as it provides a valuable source of inspiration for research and development. Through active participation, new avenues for collaboration and knowledge sharing can be opened up, ultimately benefiting the wider community. In this way, industry professionals play a crucial role in our community and their involvement in publishing is essential.

What drives you to publish with IEEE vs other society and/or commercially-owned journals?

Many journals are chasing higher impact factors these days, resulting in a narrow preference for hot research topics. This is not conducive to the diversity of research directions and the study of practical application techniques. Any direction for scientific research has the potential to make an impact, even if it is not currently popular. Differently, IEEE publications are more pragmatic, offering a range of topics that extend beyond innovation alone. From new testing methodologies to alternative model interpretations and technical applications, IEEE provides a platform for practical research with real-world value. I personally enjoy reading papers in IEEE since they are of high quality and practical value, and I regularly gain valuable information from them that I can apply to my own research. On the whole, IEEE has a strong reputation in our field, publishing with IEEE can improve the credibility and visibility.

What input and ideas will you bring to the Publications Council from the industry perspective?

The publication process should actively involve more reviewers or editors from industry, they can provide insight into the research and publications that are most relevant and useful to practitioners in the field. It is beneficial in addressing real-world challenges and is applicable to industry needs. Increased participation can boost diversity and lead to more potential opportunities.

To increase the impact of IEEE publications, the accessibility should be further expanded. Unlike academia, most industrial researchers and engineers do not have free access to academic papers. We need to devise a method to make publications easily accessible to researchers and practitioners in the field. This will facilitate the transfer of knowledge and help to bridge the gap between academia and industry.