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IEEE Working to Make a Difference on Climate Change

Climate Change
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IEEE’s mission is to advance technology for the benefit of humanity. Today the world faces its largest modern-day threat—climate change. The organization recognizes this global crisis and is committed to helping combat and mitigate the effects of climate change through pragmatic and accessible technical solutions and providing engineers and technologists with a neutral space for discussion and action.

IEEE’s Climate Change website provides engineers and technologists with a neutral space for discussion and action. The site links readers to curated resources related to climate change prevention and mitigation, as well as alternative energy.

This includes, the IEEE Climate Technologies Sustainability Initiative, in collaboration with the TA Climate Change Program and IEEE Standards Association (SA) Planet Positive 2030.  This initiative is growing rapidly, and new volunteers are encouraged to join. IEEE Xplore has also developed a climate change collection of articles in a range of related technologies to assist in organizing the response of engineers, scientists, and technical professionals across the world to address the causes, mitigate the impact, and adapt to climate change. IEEE’s scholarly publications, conference proceedings, technical standards and other materials help foster the exchange of technical knowledge and information for the critical climate issues that our planet faces today.

SA Planet Positive 2030 set out to transform society and infrastructure in the world, identify the current technological solutions that need to be deployed widely, and technology gaps for which we need to design, innovate, and deploy new technological solutions for. That means, for example: reducing GreenHouse Gas (GHG) emissions to 50% of 2005 emissions by 2030 and significantly increasing regeneration and resilience of earth’s s ecosystems; effectively to be well on the path to achieving net zero GHG emissions by 2050 and negative GHG emissions beyond 2050, that is, to be planet positive.

In-person and virtual workshops are offered throughout the year. These interactive workshops engage technical professionals and academics from around the world to map technology development needs according to gaps identified by the work of the Planet Positive 2030 Compendium.

IEEE Climate Change Technical Community

This IEEE-wide community is for utilizing engineering pathways to stabilize our planet’s climate, mitigate circumstances caused by climate change, and those making significant contributions to achieve comprehensive decarbonization. Community members reflect a balance of multi-stakeholder constituencies across many IEEE disciplines. Research from IEEE scientists in this sector covers areas such as sustainable energy systems, climate resilient infrastructure, wildfire mitigation, weather pattern systems, ozone recovery, etc.

Members that sign-up receive communications about networking opportunities, conferences, meetings, special events, other IEEE engagement opportunities, and more. In addition, members will receive a monthly newsletter to engage in conversation and discussions with peers via the IEEE Climate Change Collabratec Community.

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