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IEEE Technical Skills Educator Award Recipient Announced


We are delighted to announce that Jens Hofmann, pro ANH e.V. / Eagleyard Photonics GmbH, German, has been chosen as the IEEE Technical Skills Educator Award.

Jens Hofmann Photo IEEE TSA 2023

For bringing companies and institutes together in innovative programs that enable career changes into photonics.

Jens Hofmann started his professional career in September 2003 with a dual apprenticeship as a microtechnologist for microsystems technology at the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration (IZM). After successful completion of his apprenticeship in 2006, he started as a technical assistant at Fraunhofer IZM’s cooperation partner, the Technical University of Berlin in the research area of microperipheric technology, where he was responsible for the implementation of lithography processes with photoresist on semiconductor wafers as well as for the coating of wafers with polymers to build multilayer structures in the working group “High Density Interconnect & Wafer Level Packaging”.

In 2007, Jens Hofmann joined the optical packaging technology group at the Fraunhofer Institute IZM and specialized in the field of optical fiber technology, deformation techniques for optical packaging technology and further development of laboratory equipment.

Jens Hofmann was involved in Fraunhofer IZM’s training activities at an early stage and organized the technical training in his work group. In 2009, he successfully passed the trainer aptitude test at the Bonn Chamber of Industry and Commerce and worked part-time as a trainer and as deputy training manager at Fraunhofer IZM until his move to eagleyard Photonics GmbH. During this period, he was involved in various training networks and trained at least two apprentices each year.

In February 2017, Jens Hofmann moved to eagleyard Photonics GmbH in Berlin, where he took on a role as a developer and CAD designer in the research and development department. Since April 2018, Jens Hofmann has held the position of Head of Process Development and Head of Training at eagleyard Photonics GmbH in Berlin. In this dual role, he is largely responsible for the development of manufacturing processes while also helping to lead and shape training within the company. Since June 2023, Jens Hofmann has headed the merged Process Development & Manufacturing Engineering department within the company.

Parallel to his professional activities, Jens Hofmann has been involved since September 2019 as a founding member and as the 1st association chairman of the training network proANH e.V. This network is dedicated to education and training in the field of high technology and STEM professions (mathematics, information technology, natural sciences, technology), which underlines his commitment to promoting education and expertise in these key areas.