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2024 IEEE Photonics Award Recipient Announced

kim roberts 3

Congratulations to Kim Roberts, Cienna, Canada. Kim has been selected as the recipient of this year’s IEEE Photonics Award, “For leadership in the introduction and development of digital coherent signal processing for optical fiber transmission systems.”.

Kim Roberts pioneered approaches to high-capacity optical fiber transmission that changed the way the world talks, hears, learns, and sees. His innovations allow information to be efficiently transported, from locally to trans-oceanic, to fulfill society’s need for the connectivity that enables bandwidth-hungry applications across the business, education, healthcare, and entertainment sectors. He is best known for his transformative contributions to electronic dynamically compensated optics (eDCO) and coherent optical fiber transmission systems, both of which required the novel development and implementation of sophisticated digital signal processing (DSP) systems. The fundamental improvements he brought to optical fiber transmission continue to benefit the communications experience for billions of people who use the Internet and other optical fiber networks.

An IEEE Fellow, Roberts is Vice President of WaveLogic Science, Ciena Corporation, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.