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Globalization in Photonics Special Issue

On behalf of the Guest Editors, I am delighted to present this special issue of the IEEE Photonics Journal, focusing on Globalization in Photonics.

This all-invited issue collects several detailed overviews of world-wide developments in photonics, based on a series of presentations that were previously shared in a dedicated symposium at the IEEE Photonics Conference, in November 2022, in Vancouver, Canada.

Photonics is a global field, in which highly interconnected multinational and multicultural technical teams work together to address challenges in engineering and research. Rapid growth, new discoveries and novel applications with high societal impact are emerging across the globe, with much exciting progress in photonics taking place in regions outside of the highly industrialized countries. Additionally, there is a large global cadre of students that are eager to be the next generation of photonics engineers and scientists and who are willing to contribute to the growth of photonics.

We highlight in this special issue some of the excellent work and advances in photonics which are taking place world-wide. The papers also emphasize how the photonics field in general and the engineers and scientists in both emerging and more established regions can benefit from closer cooperation, exchanges and partnerships.

The invited papers included in this special issue present an overview of photonics developments for specific global regions. As appropriate, progress in the field is illustrated with selected examples from the Authors’ own work.

We thank the Authors for their willingness to review the state of photonics for their respective regions in support of this publication. We are also sincerely grateful to the IEEE editorial staff for their commitment and hard work in making possible this IEEE Photonics Journal special issue.

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Senior Guest Editor

Dr. Paul Crump,
Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, Berlin, Germany
Senior Editor, IEEE Photonics Journal
Chair, IEEE Photonics Globalization Committee, 2021-2023
Co-Chair of the 2022 IEEE Photonics Symposium on Globalization in Photonics Research & Development 

Guest Editors

Dr. Carmiña Londoño,
Chair of the IEEE Photonics Globalization Committee, 2024-2026

Dr. Fatima Gunning,
Tyndall National Institute, Cork, Ireland,
Co-Chair of the 2022 IEEE Photonics Symposium on Globalization in Photonics Research & Development 

Special Issue Papers


Globalization in Photonics Research and Development

Ooi, Boon S; Ng, Tien Khee; Rjeb, Alaaeddine; Cox, Mitchell; Cordette, Steevy J.; Wan, Yating; Ashry, Islam; Gan, Qiaoqiang; Fractalocchi, Andrea; Ohkawa, Kazuhiro


Photonics in a Time of Rapid Growth: Silicon Based Optoelectronics in China

Zhou, Zhiping; Chen, Weibiao; He, Xiwen; Ma, Deyue


Advancements in Optical Communication Research: A Review of India’s Progress

Venkitesh, Deepa; Mir, Sameer Ahmad; Singh, Mandeep; Chatterjee, Debanuj; Yadav, Suchita; Sunder, Sugeet; Singh, Karamdeep; Krishna, Mrudula