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Talks On Photonics Science and Technology (IZPHOTECH 2022) on The Day Of Photonics in Izmir Institute of Technology (IZTECH), Turkey

Talks On Photonics Science

Talks on Photonics Science and Technologies @IZTECH, organized for the first time this year, was planned to celebrate the World Photonics Day with the contributions of the Izmir Institute of Technology Photonics research family (department of Photonics in IZTECH, IEEE Photonics student chapter and OSA student chapter at IZTECH). Eleven speakers from eight different countries presented their work, some of them remotely, in IZPHOTECH 2022. The topics covered in the event included biophotonics, solar cells, photonics in remote sensing, silicon photonics, photonic integrated circuits (PIC), programmable PIC, photonic-MEMS and plasmonic circuits. Approximately 64 participants, among students and academicians, attended IZPHOTECH 2022 and interactive discussions took place after the presentations and during the coffee breaks and networking sessions. 

The opening speech of IZPHOTECH 2022 was delivered on October 20, 2022 by Prof. Dr. Yusuf Baran (Rector of IZTECH) and continued with Prof. Canan Varlikli (Head of Department of Photonics at IZTECH) and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hasan Goktas (IEEE Turkey Photonics Chapter Chair). After the opening, Prof. Dr. Sheng-Lung Huang from National Taiwan University presented “Optical Coherence Tomography”. In the talk, the challenges of leveraging the ever-escalating techniques in applying deep learning algorithms to medical image analysis and translation that could accelerate the acceptance of OCT among clinicians in reading and diagonalizing the OCT tomograms were addressed.

A wide variety of topics were covered in the talks that followed: Prof. Dr. Elias Stathatos, from University of Peloponnese, presented “All printed third generation solar cells and modules made of perovskites under ambient conditions;” Prof. Dr. Serap Güneş, from Yildiz Technical University, presented “Recent Developments in Emerging PV Technologies;” Prof. Serhat Tozburun, from 9 Eylül University, presented “Photothermal Coagulation of the Superficial Layer of the Esophagus;” Prof Dr. Wim Bogaerts, from Ghent University and IMEC, presented “Programmable Photonics,” Dr Richard Zeltner, from Menlo Systems GmbH, presented “Sensing using optically trapped micro particles;” Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hasan Goktas from Izmir Institute of Technology, presented “Photonic-MEMS for Programmable Photonic Integrated Circuits;” Prof. Dr. Amr Helmy, from the University of Toronto, presented “Efficient Plasmonic Circuits for Data Communications;” Prof. Dr. Sudip Shekhar, from University of British Columbia, presented “Scaling up silicon photonic-based accelerators;” Dr Mehmet Ogut, from NASA JPL, presented “Applications of Photonics in remote sensing;” Prof. Dr. Atilla Aydinli presented “Evolution of Laser Technologies.” Aside from providing a brief overview, the speakers covered state-of-the-art aspects of each topic.

The field of photonics is very new in Turkey and currently there are only two photonics departments in the country: one in IZTECH and the second one in Gazi University. The department of Photonics in Gazi University was invited to IZPHOTECH 2022 to strengthen collaborations between both departments. The event thus provided an excellent opportunity to discuss potential joint projects.

As a practical activity, a photonic chip was built and characterized during IZPHOTECH 2022, thus providing a means for undergraduate and graduate students to gain experience and skills in the fabrication of photonic devices. The goals of this activity were:

  1. To gain familiarity with the fabrication and characterization processes of photonic devices.
  2. To teach undergraduate and graduate students different photonic devices and their role on a real chip.
  3. To open a door for new collaborations and possibly build more sophisticated programmable photonic integrated circuits 

Undergraduate and graduate students participating in this activity collaborated actively on incorporating photonics devices in the chip. It is expected that this activity will serve as a first step for continuous collaborations among the participants for designing photonic integrated circuits.

IZPHOTECH 2022 came to an end with the closing marks from speakers and the photo including students and academicians from both, IZTECH and Gazi University. We are hoping to see you all in IZPHOTECH 2023 with all new exciting news!

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