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IEEE Photonics Society Abdullah Gül University Student Chapter 2023 Reflections

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Ebru Aydoğdu
Abdullah Gül University,
Electrical Electronics Engineering,

The IEEE Photonic Society Abdullah Gül University (AGU) Student Chapter is dedicated to disseminating the knowledge and experiences of its members in the realm of photonics. Our primary objectives include providing support for their research endeavors and fostering awareness about the advancements in photonic technologies. Through a variety of training sessions and events, we aim to create a vibrant community of learners and practitioners in the photonics field.

However, in February 2023, a devastating earthquake struck eleven provinces in Turkey, causing widespread disruption and impacting various activities, including our scheduled studies, events, and organizational efforts. In light of these challenging circumstances, many of our planned activities were either postponed or shifted to online platforms. Despite the setbacks, we remain committed to our mission of knowledge dissemination and community engagement, adapting to the circumstances and continuing our efforts to contribute to the field of photonics.

The AGU Photonics Society conducted beginner-level MATLAB training sessions for students enrolled at Abdullah Gul University. The training sessions were held for two hours per day, twice a week, accumulating to a total of 16 hours of comprehensive instruction. The primary focus of the training was to equip participants with a basic understanding of the fundamental functions of the MATLAB programming environment.

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Throughout the training, participants were introduced to the MATLAB environment, learned essential commands, and gained proficiency in working with variables. The curriculum covered basic data structures and fundamental mathematical operations, including discussions on matrix operations, vectors, and array indexing. Participants were guided through understanding programming logic, utilizing loops and conditional statements, and mastering the art of graph drawing and data visualization.

At the end of the training, a competition was organized, challenging participants to apply their acquired skills by writing a code that encompassed all the topics covered during the sessions. Metehan Saman emerged as the winner of the competition, showcasing exceptional programming prowess and in recognition of his achievement, he was awarded a gift card from a bookstore.

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Feedback from participants during and after the training sessions was gathered, and their reflections are summarized as follows:

Metehan Saman conveyed his gratitude, stating, ‘The practical examples given in the training were beneficial. I think interactive applications that help us understand the topics are extremely useful. Additionally, the instructor’s style of explaining the topics was highly obvious. Thank you for explaining complex issues to me simply and clearly.’

Yağmur Ergül highlighted the value of the training materials shared, including presentations and sample files. Access to these resources post-training enabled thorough review and enhanced understanding of the covered topics, contributing to a positive learning experience.

Batuhan Can noted that the organization of a competition at the conclusion of the training served as a motivating factor. He appreciated the opportunity to immediately apply the knowledge acquired during the sessions. Despite not winning the prize, Batuhan acknowledged that participating in the competition boosted self-confidence, underscoring the positive impact of hands-on learning activities.

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The AGU Photonics Chapter, in collaboration with the AGU Photography Club, organized  the “Light in Photo” event to commemorate the “Day of Light 2023.” This event showcased digital representations encompassing fundamental photography principles and software applications. Students were invited to explore various areas of the campus to capture captivating photographs. The event featured presentations by Assistant Professor Ömer Devrim Aksoyak on the basics of photography and cameras, and Research Assistant Sinan Genç on color science, color manipulation in images, and image processing. Participants received participation certificates as a token of acknowledgment at the end of the event.

sinan presents
Sinan Genc, Research Assistant at Abdullah Gul University (AGU), in Kayseri, Turkey. 

Looking ahead to 2024, the AGU Photonics Chapter has an immense number of exciting events lined up. The “LIGHTSTALK” series aims to impart basic knowledge of light science through engaging one-hour talks. Additionally, the “CO-STOP” event, dubbed Coffee-Side Talks in Optics/Photonics, will foster a convivial atmosphere for monthly member evaluations and feedback sessions over coffee. Furthermore, the chapter endeavors to empower its members to excel in their careers through the “PHOLTRAN” event, inspired by the movie VOLTRAN. Collaborating with the Board’s Exceptional Event Series (BEES), the chapter will organize bespoke events tailored to external requests and unique interests. All upcoming events will be announced via the chapter’s Instagram page, @aguphotonics, and the IEEE vTools Events system, ensuring widespread visibility and participation.