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IEEE Photonics Journals Club: Supporting the Next Gen of Authors & Researchers

Journals Club

The IEEE Photonics ‘Journals Club’ program helps connect students and early career professionals with the researchers and authors of prominently published research papers. Student participants read chosen scientific papers picked by an IEEE Journal’s Editor-in-Chief, then attend a session with the published Authors.

The Authors present their published research, where participants can ask direct questions about the work, methods behind the research, and/or the peer review process. These sessions cultivate lively discussions and help our members keep up with current findings and take away insights on what to do—and what not to do—in their own work.

Thoughts on the technical publishing landscape, pointers for members publishing for the first time, and the “Dos” and “Don’ts” for getting your research paper accepted by a high impact scholarly journal are often shared, which helps students and early career gain the confidence to submit their work as well as better understand the benefits of publishing with the IEEE.

So far, annually, about 600 students participate in these sessions for mentorship and a better understanding of our publication processes and peer review.

Each session is centered around a theme or topic, and generally 3 Authors present at each session. Topics of the Journals Club sessions have been on (but are not limited to): Photonic Computing; Optical Communications; 5G; Imaging; Silicon Photonics; Neurophotonics; Emerging Fiber Technologies; Etc.

Pre-reading the papers is encouraged to ensure that participants have sufficient background information to participate in each journals club discussion, which also encourages readership of the papers and journals featured. Our Journals Club volunteers also aim to create a community where members feel safe enough to share their thoughts and ask direct questions about the research topics presented.

Presently, the IEEE/Optica Journal of Lightwave Technology has participated regularly as a host journal, with the IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, and IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics to host upcoming Journals Club topical sessions soon.

If you’d like to participate in an upcoming IEEE Photonics Journals Club session, click here to sign up for the program’s email list or visit our Community Calendar. Otherwise look out for an invite via the Society’s regular membership communications.