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Quantum Photonics Track @ 2024 IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering

Quantum Week 2024 web

IEEE Quantum Week 2024 (Sep 15–20  in Montréal, Québec, Canadas) is a leading venue for presenting high-quality original research, ground-breaking innovations, and compelling insights in quantum computing and engineering. 

Submit Your Paper: Your research could be part of one of the exciting technical paper tracks—an opportunity not to be missed.

Track Chairs:
Lucia Caspani, University of Strathclyde —
Ben Sussman, University of Ottowa —

The design and architecture of quantum photonic technologies and systems engineering:

      • Quantum photonic information science and technology

      • Quantum computing with photonic systems

      • Quantum entanglement and teleportation

      • Photonic quantum computers

      • Integrated quantum photonics

      • Photonics-based qubit technologies

      • Photonic quantum simulation

      • Silicon photonic devices

      • Photon sources and detectors

      • Quantum sensing and metrology

    Technical papers are peer-reviewed.

    The technical paper submission deadline is now April 22!