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IEEE Photonics Society in Search for Editor-in-Chief

PJ EIC search

Piscataway, New Jersey, Jun 13, 2023

The IEEE Photonics Society invites applications and nominations for the volunteer position of Editor-in-Chief (EiC) for the IEEE Photonics Journal, delivered through IEEE’s research digital library IEEE Xplore. The term for the current EiC will end this year and the Society is conducting an open search for potential candidates.

“The IEEE Photonics Journal led the way for the IEEE, being the IEEE’s first open access journal. We’re excited to find a candidate who can lead this pioneering journal for the next term, and I encourage all qualified candidates with a passion for open access publishing in the photonics community to apply,” stated Seb Savory, IEEE Photonics Society Vice President (Publications). “Having served as an EiC myself, I fully appreciate the challenges and commitment required but also the ability to make a difference and the chance to work with an amazing group of volunteers who pull together to make a journal a community!”

The EiC oversees the review process and the journal’s editorial board. Working closely with the Vice President (Publications), Society’s Publications Council, and Publications Portfolio Manager, the EiC serves a (3) three-year term commitment and may be reappointed for a second term, i.e., serving up to a maximum of (6) six years total.

The IEEE Photonics Journal was historically the first open access topical journal of the IEEE, and provides rapid publication of top-quality, peer-reviewed papers at the forefront of photonics research. The journal garners a strong time-to-publication (approximately 7.6 weeks in 2022), and has a solid ISI Impact Factor (2.25 in 2021). The IEEE Photonics Society is seeking a dynamic leader who will be able to continue to raise the stature of the journal within the photonics community-at-large.

Candidates should have broad base knowledge of the journal’s technical areas of interest and scope, record of recognized scholarship, demonstrative leadership skills, and time to actively devote to developing the journal. The EiC will be an ambassador for the journal throughout the photonics research community and will be responsible for guiding the journal’s editorial direction. A comprehensive understanding of open access journal publishing is strongly encouraged.

If you are interested in pursuing the position, please fill out the nomination form here.

To nominate another candidate, please send their contact information to Seb Savory, IEEE Photonics Society Vice President (Publications), at

The IEEE Photonics Society is committed to providing equal opportunity to scientists and engineers, regardless of ethnicity, race, nationality, disability, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, religion, gender, age, and/or personal identity. All technically qualified applicants are encouraged to apply.