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Optical Wireless Communication


Ton Koonen


While the booming demands of wireless communication are quickly depleting the capabilities of radio spectrum, optical wireless communication (OWC) can offer license-free access to a wealth of spectrum in the optical domain and thus provide powerful solutions to resolve the radio spectrum crunch.

This webinar will mainly address OWC for indoor applications. OWC cannot fully replace radio wireless techniques such as WiFi, but can offload large traffic loads from it and thus complement these. Envisaged OWC application domains will be discussed.

Two major directions in OWC techniques will be reviewed: wide-coverage visible light communication (VLC, including LiFi), and spatially-selective beam-steered infrared light communication (BS-ILC). Moreover, techniques for wide field-of-view receivers, device localization, bidirectional hybrid optical/radio wireless systems and all-optical bidirectional systems will be discussed.