Why We Need Queer Perspectives in Science


Author: Aitor Villafranca Velasco Translation: Björn Jörges Author note: In this article, the term “queer” is used to refer to any sexual orientation or gender identity outside of the cis-heteronormative […]

IEEE Working to Make a Difference on Climate Change

Climate Change

IEEE’s mission is to advance technology for the benefit of humanity. Today the world faces its largest modern-day threat—climate change. The organization recognizes this global crisis and is committed to […]

Ming-Jun Li Wins 2023 John Tyndall Award


We are delighted to announce that Ming-Jun Li, a Corporate Fellow at Corning Incorporated, USA, has been selected by IEEE Photonics Society and Optica as the 2023 John Tyndall Award recipient! Li is recognized for “seminal contributions to advances in optical fiber technology”. His work having made a remarkable impact on society. Read how.