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Membership Cards Are Now Accessible Through the IEEE App


Connect to IEEE–no matter where you are–with the IEEE App.


The IEEE App connects you to the world’s largest professional technology community. Stay informed
with cutting-edge content from IEEE Spectrum, IEEE Transmitter, and more. Receive personalized technology and engineering content relevant to your activities and interests. Find, schedule, and join virtual meetups with the IEEE App and stay connected to your tech community.

With the newest release of the IEEE app, members can now access their membership card directly through the app too. The card includes member number, membership grade, and all society affiliations. Users also have the option to conveniently download their membership card directly to the digital wallet on their phone.

The IEEE app continues to grow and offer more for its users. Content sources include:

  • Get geo and interest-based recommendations.
  • Read and download over 35 subscription magazines.
  • Create a personalized experience and download over 10 free topical newsletters.
  • Connect to 8 media feeds, including podcasts.
  • Locate IEEE members by location, interests, and affiliations.

To download the app, scan the QR code or find the app through the App Store or Google Play:

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