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IEEE Photonics Society Kerala Chapter Celebrates the International Day of Light


Dr.T. D. Subash, Global Strategy Representative for India, IEEE Photonics Society

IEEE Photonics Society Kerala Chapter celebrated the International day of light on 16th May at Nippon Kerala Centre, Kalamassery. International Day of Light is a global initiative highlighting the central role that light and light-based technologies play across science, culture, education, and sustainable development, in areas as diverse as medicine, communications, and energy. The program was inaugurated by Dr. M. Kailasnath, Professor and Dean-Faculty of technology, CUSAT, in the presence of Dr. Pramod Gopinath, Chair of Photonics Society Kerala Chapter, Dr. Saji. K. J, Director of the International School of Photonics and Mrs. Binu Jiju, Secretary of Photonics Society Kerala Chapter. Considering the broad theme of light, the celebration focused on diverse programs demonstrating how science, technology, and art can help in achieving the goals of education, equality, and peace.

Kerala IDL 2023
Sessions and Research Lab visit

The program started with a transformative session in which the attendees were trained in different breathing techniques. Light is a magnificent, powerful force in our lives. Dr. Riju. C. Issac, Professor of Physics, explained the many ways in which light impacts our world. Ms. Deepa. A., Director of Sustera Foundation, detailed how youth can help change and develop sustainability, ensuring the preservation of all resources for future generations. This was followed by an orientation on various fiber optics training courses offered by Nest Institute of Fiber Optic Technology Pvt Ltd (NIFOT), Aluva.

Participants visited the research labs of the International School of Photonics, CUSAT in the afternoon and received exposure to the advanced research going on in the field of Photonics Technologies. The program concluded with a feedback session in the evening.

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